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Massage Services

A Blissful State
of Body & Mind

At CannaBliss we specialize in therapeutic relaxation massage. A variety of techniques are incorporated to give you a relaxing tranquil experience. Get out of your head and into a totally relaxed state with a CBD Massage at CannaBliss.

CBD Massage

We are proud to offer both full and broad spectrum CBD oil massages. Want to know more about CBD? Please visit our FAQ page.

CBD Massage Oils take the relaxation to the next level creating a completely unique experience in Charleston.

Full Spectrum


Full Spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant with the wide array of 100+ cannabinoids and high CBD content. This high quality CBD oil presents a uniquely relaxing massage.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes

$ 130

Broad Spectrum


Broad Spectrum CBD is extracted from the hemp plant with the same array of cannabinoids, but undergoes additional filtering processes to remove any small trace amounts of THC.

60 Minutes

$ 99

90 Minutes

$ 140


Further enhance your massage experience by adding one of our doTerra essential oil blends to your oil.


Charleston's only CBD Infused Massage Therapy. Book your Appointment Today!

Reduce stress, relax, and enjoy your first CBD Massage. Relieve the stress of the work week 9-to-5 and discover the deep relaxation that a combination of Massage and CBD can bring.